Assigning Issues and Videos

Sending issues and videos to students is a breeze!

To share an issue, simply click the share button at the top right of the issue page and then click Copy Link.

For a video, click the button at the top right corner of the feature.

Then paste the link into whatever system you’re using to share links with students. They’ll need to log in as a student using your classroom password.

If they need help signing in, students can just follow these steps:

  1. Click Log In on the top right of the website.


  2. Click I am a Student in the pop-up that appears.


  3. Enter the classroom password you shared with them! (Not sure where to find that? Click here.)  Then just click Sign In.

student login screen showing option for classroom password

That’s it! Once they sign in, they’re taken to the website's student view. And if your school is using a Learning Management System like Google Classroom or Clever, the process is even simpler.  Once you synch your account with Scholastic, all your students need to do is click the Google Classroom or Clever buttons. They will not need a classroom password.

student login screen showing options for Google Classroom and Clever